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          Manasa Trust was founded with the objective of promoting the concept of positive mental health education and trying to drive away the myths and misconceptions regarding human behavior, thus contributing towards the overall development of the community. It was established in the year 1998 as a charitable trust with multiple aims and soon decided to focus more on the primary objective of imparting education. As a first step to fulfill its objective, educating the nursing, psychology and psychiatric social work students was taken up and about 90 ....... [more...]
Dr. K. A. Ashok Pai - Manasa.
          We welcome you to a rewarding and fruitful association with Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health a part of Manasa Trust. The mission of the Foundation is to create awareness about mental health and to train as large a number of individuals as possible who can play a supportive role in mental health care. The Foundation recognized by Kuvempu University as ....  [more...]
Student Speak
         I am personally very grateful to MEF and KU for creating this opportunity  for people like us to be studies.....  [more...]
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