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          Manasa as a training center for psychiatric Nursing has been recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. It offers Psychiatric Nursing training to Nursing candidates coming from about 100 colleges and functioning as an examination center. Nursing candidates are also posted here for internship. Post graduate students in psychology and social work from various colleges of different universities in Karnataka are being provided with an opportunity to do assignments and block placements in our nodal institution, Manasa Nursing Home to cater to the increasing demands for counseling and psychotherapy in this globalised world.

Trust was founded with the objective of promoting the concept of positive mental health education and trying to drive away the myths and misconceptions regarding human behavior, thus contributing towards the overall development of the community. It was established in the year 1998 as a charitable trust with multiple aims and soon decided to focus more on the primary objective of imparting education. As a first step to fulfill its objective, educating the nursing, psychology and psychiatric social work students was taken up and about 90 batched of students have availed this training and made our efforts broad based and meaningful.

Manasa Trust hosts literary, socio cultural and academic activities. Manasa trust also organizes the annual Late Kateel Appu Pai lectures on contemporary issues. Dr. Mrs. Kiran Bedi. Mr. Mohan Agashe, Mrs. Margaret Alva, H. E. Balakrishna Shetty, Ambassador, Bahrain, Dr. B. M. Hegde, Mr. Girish Karnad, Mr. Shyam Bengal, Mr. Suresh Heblikar, Romon Magsaysay awardee-Mr. P. Sainath, Mr. Jairam Ramesh , Hon. Ex. CM of Goa Digambar Kannath, Justice Santosh Hegde, Mr. Amol Palekar and Mr. Prabhu Chawla are among the celebrities who have delivered the annual lectures. These activities have mostly been collaboratively organized in association with BVB, University or other local educational institutions.

Manasa Trust offers Diploma and Post Graduate Degree Courses through its unit for Mental Health under the name of Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health to disseminate mental health awareness, to offer quality education in the field mental health. The objective is to prepare a large number of paramedical workers, trained counselors, to provide doctors with additional expertise in mental health in the country. The courses offered by the center also provide authentic and scientific information about mental health to those who are interested.

Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health was established in the year 2003-04 with the sole aim of offering higher education through Distance Mode, another important step taken by Manasa Trust, by helping the students community in their zeal for pursuing postgraduate studies , this institution has successfully provided facilities for students of mental health form the distance mode.
To realize the objective, Manasa Trust entered into MOU with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan with the shared goal of providing access to higher education to all. This Distance Education Programme is a part of the University’s outreach programme to foster University society relationship.

Source of Clinical Material for Mental Health Courses. The nodal centre of the academic activities of Manasa Foundation is Manasa Nursing Home, a premier mental health institution which has done yeoman work in taking Neuro psychiatry to all sections of society – literate and illiterate, urban and rural. Considered as one of the biggest private mental health centers in South India, Manasa Nursing Home has a 100 bed inpatient facility. Dr. Ashok Pai and his colleagues have treated a mind-boggling number of patients so far – over one lakh seventy five thousand. They have also meticulously documented all the case histories. This makes Manasa Nursing Home an incomparable archival centre in mental health and also a veritable treasure house of direct clinical experience. This in fact is the overriding consideration for starting the courses.

Manasa believes in holistic approach to mental health. Hence, over the years apart from a general psychiatry department, we have branched on to a fully fledged neurology, physiotherapy and child guidance unit. Community Psychiatry and Psycho-social rehabilitation of psychiatrically ill patients are also a part of the setup.

Every day, enabled by efficient staff Manasa caters to the needs of atleast 350 outpatients and manages a 100 bed impatient care.

“Manasadhara” a unique institution in which mentally ill individuals are treated and now in asymptomatic phase are provided support, vocational training and counseling services to ensure their reintegration into society. It is a halfway home where they are trained to carry out simple skill based tasks and also to learn to live with others. The objective is to equip them with skills needed to rehabilitate them with their families, so that they will not become a burden to the others. At present 130 individuals are being cared for at Manasadhara.

Dr. K. A. Ashok Pai who has been spearheading Manasa Nursing Home is a renowned psychiatrist who has made mental health his life’s mission. He has used every available medium – writing, print media, radio, television, feature films – to create Mental health awareness. He is ably assisted by Dr. Rajini Pai, Deputy Director, Dr. Vaman Shanbhag and Dr. Preethi Shanbhag who is the Academic Director of the mental health courses.

These factors make Manasa Nursing Home the ideal nodal center from where Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health can operate. Manasa Educational Foundation has the privilege of collaborating with Kuvempu University in starting the M. Sc Clinical Psychology (regular) courses from 2007-08.

Pioneers in the Field
The Mental Health courses in the distance mode are a result of Manasa’s commitment to Mental Health awareness and Kuvempu University’s academic initiative to introduce non-conventional courses for distance learners. The courses which were first offered in 2003-04, have already won acclaim for their quality and relevance. Thanks mainly to the guidance and active participation of senior faculty member from all universities in the state as well as experts from other institutions, the quality of the contact programmes and training has been high. These are also courses which have attracted qualified learners from all fields – doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, persons from all centers of India and many abroad, of all ages form 21 to 80 plus. So far around 4000 candidates have successfully completed these courses in the last 10 batches. Most of them have testified to the impact the courses have mad on them, as individuals and as professionals. Many of them are already placed as counselors in various settings – from schools to psychiatric hospitals. Teachers, doctors and social workers have found the courses making a big difference to their attitudes and behavior. Such goodwill has strengthened MEFFMH’s resolve to constantly improve the courses.
An internship programme has already been initiated. It is an intensive, six-month long programme meant to further enhance the counseling skills of candidates who pass these courses in Mental Health and would like to obtain intensive training. The internship program is conducted strictly according to the syllabus and guidelines approved by the university Board of Studies in Mental Health.

Future Vision
To offer regular graduate courses in psychology, English literature, Kannada Literature, Journalism, History, Sociology, Political Science and Social Work by establishing a college Viz Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial Institute (Eligibility PUC)

To start research centre and to offer M. Phil programme in psychology and social work.

To start certificate courses in couselling

To take up different projects of national and international recognition in the field of psychology and psychiatric social work

To conduct workshops, seminars, conferences on varied topics of mental health for professionals and students.

Contact address

Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health
J. P. N. Road, I Cross, Shivamogga – 577201, Karnataka, India
Ph 08182 325711, 94482 88483 / 88 / 89
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         I am personally very grateful to MEF and KU for creating this opportunity  for people like us to be studies.....  [more...]
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