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Internship Programme

Structured internship programme specifically tailored for PGD students are provided after completion of course. Participants receive hands on experience training in counseling, assessments, and therapy and rehabilitation models.

Special Workshops
As a opportunity to update sills and therapy orientation of the students, special workshops in identified and relevant psychological issues are organized. Some of the areas include CBT, Advanced Micro skills, and psychosocial rehabilitation and so on.

Group Mail
Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health has a group mail with around 5000 memebers which serves as a platform for interaction of all our students. The group mail facilitates discussions on the subject, a link between alumni and current students and as a channel of communication between MEFFMH and its students, which serves as a platform for interaction of all our students.

Scope for Placement
As explained in the introductory part of the proposal, the actual need for counselors in India has not yet been assessed. With the advent of globalization, industrialization and a consumerist trend in lifestyles, the need for counseling has increased by leaps and bounds and so has its scope. Till the last decade, the scope of counseling was restricted to hospitals and NGO’s. Currently, counseling is seen to be in urgent need in :

   Schools And Colleges

   Institutions For The Mentally Challenged

   VCTC Centers In Government Hospitals

   Corporate Work Places

   Human Resource Management

   Manufacturing Industries

   Career Consultation Centers

   Child Guidance Centre

   Child Protection Unit

   Hospitals And Medical Care Centers
   Adoption Centers

   Gender Sensitivity Centers

   Rehabilitation Centers

   Intensive Care Units

   Family Counselling Centers

   Marriage Counseling Centers

   Helpline for Women / Children / Elderly

   Neurological Centers

   Training Institute
Student Speak
         I am personally very grateful to MEF and KU for creating this opportunity  for people like us to be studies.....  [more...]
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