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Message from Manasa, Shivamogga.
Dr. Ashok Pai
Founder. MEFFMH.
Dr. Rajani. A. Pai
Dr. Vaman. M. Shanbhag,
Deputy Director.
Dr. Preethi V. S,
Academic Director.

We welcome you to a rewarding and fruitful association with Manasa Educational Foundation for Mental Health a part of Manasa Trust. The mission of the Foundation is to create awareness about mental health and to train as large a number of individuals as possible who can play a supportive role in mental health care. The Foundation is offering Post Graduate courses in some of the most relevant areas of counseling. The courses have syllabi designed by the leading experts in the field and are supported by tailor-made scholarly institutional material. In the orientation programme the Foundation facilities students to interact with the finest experts in the field. The courses were a brain child of the Late. Dr. Kateel Ashok Pai, the founder of manasa, who believed that good mental health should a necessity not a luxury.

The courses were started with the idea of creating a set of professionals who would be capable of providing emotional first aid to the population in need. We are happy that the courses have become very popular and have setup a new trend in Mental Health education.

Manasa is now offering and internship programme to provide intensive training in counseling. The objective of the Manasa Foundation is to offer courses which meet international academic standards and are at the same time accessible to a large target group of professionals, teachers, graduates and house-wives who may not have had the opportunity to do a regular course in the university.

We at Manasa are committed to the cause and vision of our late founder and promise to make mental health education priority. We are determined to bring post graduation education in mental health to your doorsteps. We sincerely believe that mental health is everybody’s concern. Congratulations on your right choice.

Be with us

Dr. Rajani. A. Pai
Director, MEFFMH, Shivamogga,
Karnataka, India.
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