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I am personally very grateful to MEFFMH and KU for creating this opportunity for people like us to be able to pursue this line of studies. Normally this opening would not be available without a sound degree in Psychology, but for MANASA Educational Foundation to have created this possibility, I shall be ever obliged. The syllabi of these courses have been meticulously designed and the subjects and classes are designed in such a way that a student first gathers a sound understanding of the basics and are then gradually moved into higher levels of aspects of psychology and counseling. I found the staff to be very dedicated and sincere and always eager to clarify possible doubts at all times. I strongly recommended the MSCP two year course to everyone irrespective of their profession.

Commander Subroto Das
Navy Aviator, INDIAN NAVY
The fact that a number of psychological disorders cause and are caused by disturbances in an individual’s sexual activities made me take up this course on sex therapy. Being a student of Clinical Psychology I realized the importance of having knowledge in the area of sexual disorders and therapeutic approaches for these disorders which is still at its nascent stage in India. Apart from this, most of the Masters courses in clinical psychology do not include an in depth study of this area. Hence the decision to take up this course was very natural for me and it has helped me broaden my knowledge in the vast realm of Psychotherapy. The material covered in this course has given me a thorough knowledge and also the confidence of being able to handle cases related to it.

Ms. Siri Vivek,
Student, M. Sc., Clinical Psychology, St. Agnes College.
At NITHYA SAADHANA, I train young adults with mental challengers in the field of PCB soldering and electronic sub-assembly. The goal of our training is to make them employable and integrate them into the society. The diploma in mental health has helped me tremendously in

1. Understanding the various mental disorders and how it interferes in the learning process of an individual

2. Being a better listener during the counseling sessions with the trainees and the family members

3. Sensitizing the prospective employers about the differently abled.

Personally, I am able to handle my relation with relatives, colleagues and friends more objectively. The contact classes were very interactive and each one of the resource persons was excellent.

Beena Krishnamurthy
Nithya Saadhana – Vocational Training Institute for Special Children, Bangalore.
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         I am personally very grateful to MEF and KU for creating this opportunity  for people like us to be studies.....  [more...]
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